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Mommy Culture is a blog about parenting, motherhood and lifestyle matters.  It started when Anushiya, Gajay and Saumea, who have been friends for two decades, realized that they spend a great amount of time discussing similar concerns and turn to each other for support on various issues.  They have always shared a passion for healthy living, culture and fashion.  Growing up as 2nd generation Canadians, they shared the many challenges of maintaining their cultural identity while trying to fit in with the mainstream society.  Now, embarking into the world of motherhood, they share similar challenges on raising their children, maintaining a work-life balance and preserving their cultural heritage.  They realize that first time parents sometimes feel like they’re walking in the dark and that they are the only ones going through the challenges of parenthood.  Although no amount of experts’ advice, or even our own mothers’ guidance can fully prepare us for the journey of motherhood, it helps to read about other people’s experiences.

Mommy culture is about sharing our stories; the highs and lows of being a mother; maintaining relationships and a balanced lifestyle; trying to preserve our culture but giving our children the freedom to choose; being a mother while not having to give up everything else we love in life….it’s about having fun and experimenting with our own theories about motherhood and parenting….it is anything from sassy to sensible, and everything in between!





Anushiya is a mother of three living in the Greater Toronto Area who has temporarily applied the brakes on her career to be a stay-at-home-mom.  As she is testing the waters of working part-time, she spends most of her time trying to provide a nurturing environment for her little ones and running the house alongside her realtor husband who is always on the run.  As she has evolved into a bit of a foodie in the past few years, she also loves to inform herself of the A-Z on health foods, preparation and creative ways to combine the right food groups to provide the most nutrition to her young family.  She loves to hear about how other fellow-moms handle the day-to-day grind; as she mothers a school-ager, a preschooler and a very busy toddler, she can easily join in any kid-related conversation and provide her 2-cents.  She hopes to use this blog as a gateway to meet with many other moms navigating motherhood in today’s super-fast-paced lifestyle most of us find ourselves in.





Gajay is a mother and a wife living in Toronto. She is passionate about interior decorating, dancing, photography and learning new things. She is the creative mind behind Citruz Design, a DIY and home décor blog. She worked in the social services for over nine years, mainly working with children and parents. Gajay is certified in many parenting educational programs and children’s programs. She loves spending time with family and friends. She considers herself to be a little bit of a tree hugger and is constantly on everyone’s case about saving water and recycling. While she is not busy running behind her toddler, she manages to sew, knit, blog and do the everyday life chores and keeping the balance in life just like everyone else. Gajay would love to connect with other mothers alike and talk about being a mom and wife.






Saumea is a mother to an active toddler and lives in the Greater Toronto Area with her husband and daughter.  She has a Masters degree in Public Health and currently works in the public service.  She is also a part-time freelance makeup artist.  She loves to express herself through writing and dancing, and enjoys making up stories and songs for her daughter.  Saumea is also a self-professed DIYer who loves to reuse and repurpose things. While she thinks of herself as environmentally conscious, her husband might argue that she is a border-line hoarder.  In between diaper changes, and running after her little one, you will find her doing yoga, scouring the bargain shops, and gobbling down blueberry muffins.  Saumea hopes to share her knowledge and experience as a new mother, and engage with other moms through this blog.





February 15, 2013 - 11:07 pm

Nanthiny Ganeshalingam - Excellent job guys!

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