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The rocky road of parenthood

I came across this post titled We are in the Trenches of Parenthood  recently and thought what a fitting revelation to my life at the moment.

We just had our second son in November 2014 during which time our daughter also turned 3. It has definitely been a struggle trying to adjust to a newborn and a toddler, dealing with the escalated toddler tantrums and jealousies, and surviving on short bursts of sleep. My typical day involves lots of screaming, then regretting it, then feeling guilty which results in me trying to be nice and sweet to accommodate my daughter, then feeling frustrated over situations that are not in my control anymore, feeling guilty again, then feeling ecstatic to be a mother of 2 wonderful kids during a picture perfect moment, then feeling guilty again…you see a pattern here?

To quote the writer of the above-mentioned article:

These are some of the most exhausting years, but we also realize they’re some of the best. So we are trying to look past the snot-filled public tantrums and focus on the sweet and tender moments when our nearly 3 year-old says things like, “You’re the best. I love you so much.”

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Ah yes, it’s those moments when my baby boy smiles at me as he’s starting to recognize my face, and when my daughter asks me in the most sweetest tone if i’m her best friend that I completely melt and all the fatigue and chaos of the day becomes insignificant. And then a few minutes later I snap out of that surreal moment when I hear another scream.

Time surely does fly and our kids will eventually become independent and stop needing us so much. So we just have to keep reminding ourselves that it’s only for a few more years! Until then, try to hold on to your sanities.


Your take on Valentine’s Day

As we come out of the Valentine’s Day weekend, especially as it fell on the infamous dating day of Saturday, what’s your take on Valentine’s Day?  It seems some of us like to mark the day with something special with their significant other in the thoughts of professing their love for each other.  Some despise the day as it’s a highly commercialized day of gift giving, dining out & everything that’s fancy.  And, the rest – like me – move pass the day as it’s another day without any significance to me and hubby. View full post »

Where are you on vaccines?

With the measles outbreak in Toronto over the past two weeks and the unexplained connection among those who have contracted it nor any travels in the near past that might explain the contraction, most of the public are concerned about the factors that’ll contribute to their own possibilities.  With that concern, come about those who choose not to get vaccinated, especially to young children as measles is very contagious and can be easily passed on in surroundings like schools and daycare centres.

There are worries about vaccines and their connection to autism stemming from reports in the 1990s and there are concerns about unvaccinated bodies having a much more impact due to illnesses such as measles and even more concerns about them passing on the illness to others in public spaces.

It’s apparent that among those who choose to go against vaccines, there’s a cult-like group characteristics and any member even questioning or toying with the idea of vaccines are said to be strongly shunned and demonized from the group.  One North-American mom expressed on a radio interview how she was instantly deleted from her no-vaccine group when she expressed her desire to vaccinate her child upon finding convincing research to do so.  She was also subsequently disconnected from other members of the group and shunned from connecting with them on matters other than vaccinations.

Although this is a matter of opinion, is it ok for non-medical persons to take the decision into their hands?  Yes, the claim can be, “my child, my choice”, but how about what that child might pass onto those who wish to be vaccinated and be shielded from such illnesses?  Where do you stand on this very confusing, controversy-ridden topic?



3 awesome ways to use your brooches

We all have a collection of beautiful but random pieces of jewellery or accessories like brooches and clips that sometimes sit in the closet collecting dust. I was trying to reorganize my closet recently and found some of my brooches. I was inspired to put them to good use. Since there are no rules when it comes to fashion these days, there’s no reason we can’t have some fun with these pieces.

Here are 3 really cool things that you can do with those brooches NOW with what you already have in your closet.

1. Create a new Statement Necklace

Some new statement necklaces? Woot woot! I wouldn’t pass up on that. You can easily add brooches to your existing necklaces to create some bold, unique pieces. Necklaces with gold/silver chains, pearls, beads etc will work well as you can clip the brooches to them.  Take a look at a couple of my creations below:

This is the original necklace I had from Forever 21…

This is after the brooch-a-mation (ok I just made up that word, but you get what i mean??)

Try with 2 brooches…

Try them on a pearl necklace.

2. Add bling to a scarf

It looks great on an infinity scarf too…

 3. Give your bracelets an instant facelift

On a bunch of bangles to create instant drama…

The combinations are endless and you just have to play around with placement to achieve the effect you want. The more random pieces you use and cluster, the more dramatic the effect will be. No need to limit your creativity to just brooches. If you have rhinestone clips, buttons or old earrings, you can easily use them too.

I would love to see photos of your own DIY creations with brooches. So do send them in.