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At the crossroads – return to work or stay at home

Going back to work after your maternity leave or from taking an extended time off to care of your kids is always bittersweet.  You miss home, but at the same time you appreciate some time for yourself.   I applaud all the women who are able to make a strong decision on what they want to do and are indeed happy with their choice, whether it be stay at home, or going back to work.  I was really glad to have the whole year off with my daughter, but there were often times when I thought that I was just not cut out for it and badly needed a break.  Some days were very tough – my baby rarely slept, was cranky all day and i was still learning how to do things as a new mom.  I didn’t realize the amount of work that was actually involved as a stay-at-home- mom until I experienced it.

To all the mommas who stay at home and take care of your children by taking a break in your career, sometimes accepting the reduced cash flow, and making that choice for the well-being of your children, I commend you for making that sacrifice.  To all the mommas who have decided to return to work, I’m proud of the fact that you have decided to continue your journey along that path as it will not only continue to enrich you, but also your families.

You may never be 100% sure about your decision, but it is better to be atleast 110% sure that even if things don’t work out the way you want you won’t regret your decision.  Only you can make that choice based on what is good for you and your family.

If you choose to return to work and then end up feeling totally overwhelmed and unable to balance work and personal life, then you have to rethink whether it is worth for you to invest your time and energy into it.  Likewise, if you stay at home and keep thinking that you are falling behind in your goals, comparing yourself to others you know and start feeling miserable, then it’s time to get out and start doing something, even if it is part-time, not just for yourself but for the well-being of your family.

Financially speaking, it made sense for me to return to work.  However, it has also been nice to get a break and be distracted with doing something completely different, and then going home, switching gears and spending time with my daughter.  It was a difficult transition at first, but I am enjoying my time at work as I am constantly learning new things and getting new opportunities.  There are times I do miss being at home with my daughter, but I know that I am not yet ready to take that leap towards staying at home for an extended time.


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