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Finding a Balance

Everyone wants to find a balance in their daily lives. As parents, it becomes harder and harder to find time to do even the simple things we used to take for granted. As mothers we tend to stop thinking about ourselves and just focus on our children and families. What a lot of women forget to do is to take care of themselves. This is probably the most important thing we can do to keep our minds and bodies healthy. Yes it is difficult to find that “me” time when we have to wake up early, get the kids ready for school/daycare and for working moms, it is heading off to work, picking up the kids, making dinner, helping with homework, cleaning up, and then all over again. Whether we are working outside the home or not, the days seem to fly by. Regardless of the help and support we receive from our partners, mothers want to do it all. I guess we have to also fit in sleep, shower and eat somewhere. There are lots of little things we can do to find that balance.

What many of us do is try to find this balance every day. In reality, this does not happen. It is more realistic to plan and do a couple of things a week we enjoy – whether it is going out with friends, taking some time to read a book (or even a part of it), or leaving work a bit early to get some fresh air before picking up the kids. Whatever it is, we have to realize that as much as we want to, we cannot do it all. Eventually we will burn out.
So whatever your interests are, find some time atleast a few times a week to indulge in it. Mommy Culture will cover a variety of topics including, but not limited to, pregnancy, motherhood, nutrition, fashion trends for the whole family and DIY projects for the home. We hope you enjoy getting a glimpse of our thoughts and being a part of our lives as we embark on this sharing journey. We would also love to hear from you. So mommies, grab a cup of coffee and join in the chat!



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