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Why so skimpy swimwear?

It’s not only women finding swimwear shopping for themselves frustrating, but also for their daughters…in my case!  It doesn’t make sense to me why boys’ styles can be roomy and provide enough coverage while girls’ styles are so tiny with such inappropriate cuts resembling underwear and bras as they do for women.  I understand the minimalistic, fitted versions athletes wear for supreme performance possibilities, but not the everyday swimwear worn by girls/women at beaches, pools & etc.


fringe bikini

Now, compare these to common boys’ styles…

Are the tiny-sized and deep cuts considered appropriate let alone attractive on a little girl?  Even most of the regular one piece suits are cut so high that little ones are running around with their tushies hanging out.  What’s the theory behind this consumer/designer madness?

It’s a mission to find ‘normal’ looking swimwear for girls although rare sights of boy-short & t-shirt top styles or appropriately cut one pieces seem available in some stores but do fly off the shelves in a blink of an eye.


Why aren’t children clothing businesses seeing this demand that most parents don’t want to dress their little girls in itty-bitty swimsuits to sexualize their innocent looks?  Can’t kids be left just to be kids – the teenage and early adulthood years are there for these promiscuous stuff if one goes that route!


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