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Cuddle what?

Cuddle Companies!

When I read on a local newspaper, “Cuddle companies coming to Toronto”, I didn’t know what to think.  As I read further, I was more confused and mortified at the fact of anyone in their right mind finding comfort in paying a stranger to give them cuddles that will ease any agony and need for affection.  Where’s the stranger approximate anxiety?  Where’s the emotional connection to someone before they are able to provide us with physical comfort?  Can you imagine…walking through the doors of a private establishment, choosing a service (imagine spa surrounding), paying the bill and being ushered into a space where a stranger opens up their arms and, wait for it, cuddles with you!  I know…I have trouble imagining it as well.

Now, the advocates of these services claim most of us lack physical contacts and affection which we critically need.  I don’t disagree!  My thoughts though are, following such statements, one official would advice people to rekindle lost relationships, work harder to maintain positive connections, why, even make new connections that bring on content and satisfaction and thus, gaining physical contacts and affection we all need to thrive.  Not, handing over some cash and start hugging and cuddling with absolute strangers.  They claim the service doesn’t include sex…hmm…isn’t it a slippery slope considering some massage parlours have come to provide services that aren’t limited to massages?

The mistreatment of such service – creepy folks just looking to touch – would be the next can of worms.  Apparently, such services and establishments have prevailed in other provinces like Quebec and British Columbia.  And, not cheap, might I add: $35 for 30 minutes of cuddles.  And, it’s noteworthy that if clients prefer, they can enjoy such services in the comforts of their homes: yes, bring on a stranger into your home, hand over some cash, and whatever!



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