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Movie Time?

Let’s face it, we all love movies and love going to the theater to catch the latest block buster. The South Asian community is no exception to this. We love our movies. As we all know, its not easy to just pick up and go watch a movie after you have kids. If we want to watch a movie, we have to make arrangements for the children so you and your significant other can go to the movie together. Well if you are a South Asian parent, there is no need for a baby sitter because you bring your infant to the movies.

My husband and I went to the movies last week to see the latest Tamil movie and as we were looking for seats, there was a mom with an infant sitting in one of the front rows of the theater. I couldn’t believe my eyes. An infant in a movie theater where the noise level is as loud as it could get.

As we found a seat and settled in, we noticed that there were two kids sitting right in front of us, one is about 5 years old and the other is about 1. The 1 year old pretty much cried throughout the whole movie. Which one year old is going to sit through a 3 hour movie? Come on!

A movie theater is no place for a young child or an infant. These are not child friendly movies. They are PG-13 or rated R movies with violence and sexual references. I firmly believe that children should not be taken to movies that were not meant for them. They are being exposed to violence and sexual content from a young age. If you don’t have the support system to leave your children then choose a family friendly movie and make it a day out with the family.

Moving forward, let’s be mindful of what we are exposing our children to.

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