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Spoiling children with materialism

It’s commonly believed that one of the fundamentals of parenting and strong family basis is to offer the kids a safe space to be themselves without fears of backlash & judgement, but does that mean no discipline or paving a path of righteousness and responsible behavior?

It seems our generation is (even some of our parents were) heavily focused on keeping kids content and satisfied all the time that some of us fail to see that it’s also our responsibility to establish and cultivate a moral compass in our kids along with showing them what an ideal member of a society thinks and behaves like.


We offer our kids more of everything with ‘the more, the merrier’ principle but don’t realize excess of something/everything isn’t only unnecessary and wasteful, but the concept also robs our kids of appreciating the item in question.  Remember the saying of having-the-cake-and-eating-it-too?  Most of us have learnt many life lessons from such scenarios, but in our society of super-sizing and bulk-buying everything, we lose the aspect of cherishing limited resources as well as how to better make use of them…i.e. sharing, banking & appreciating.


As this is one of the differences of how children are raised in developed countries and developing countries, such vital lessons don’t have to be lost on us and our kids.  The phrase, going back to basics, has been very popular in cooking, exercising & dressing lately.  Why not, parenting?  Overwhelming our kids with everything they ask for or everything we feel they need to be happy isn’t the way to raise responsible, well-adjusted individuals.  The idea of soughting after something, waiting for a reward, working towards a long-term goal are all examples of day-to-day activities we should all get exposed to and practice, not something we learn in a soft skill seminar or at a retreat one week a year. has a quiz, Are you a Spoiler, that might help one determine whether they’re on the path to raising spoiled children which I find insightful & eye-opening.

Here’s to responsible parenting!



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