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How to Eliminte Negative Words

Let’s start eliminating the negative words from your children’s vocabulary. Let’s teach them early on not to use words that will not empower them. As parents we need to pay attention to the words and contents our children are using.

I was at a family event and overhead one of my little cousin use the word “revenge”. I was not sure in what context she was using the word but now I was curious to find out so I sat close to her to see how she was using that word. Soon enough she make a comment. These were her exact words; “I am going to take revenge on her for doing that”. I was very shocked to hear that. I know that she didn’t know the real meaning of that word but somehow she knew to use it in the right context. I was not going to leave her with that thought in her mind. So, I sat with her and explained to her that we don’t use the word revenge because it’s not a nice word to use. She thought about it for a second and said ok. She went about her way playing with the others kids. All I can do now is hope that she understands the conversation we had.

If you hear your children using words that are not appropriate, address it right away! After all we are their first teachers so lets do our part to eliminate the negative words from their vocabulary.


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