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Alternatives to Screen-time

I’ll admit: limiting screen time sometimes is very tough as that’s when us mommas can get some work done around the house without interruptions, let alone some resting time.  However, keeping the kids in front of the tele until their eyes glaze over and they remind you of zombies probably isn’t the best.  So, time to look at alternatives!  Here are some beloved, classic board games that not only bring on hours of fun but also improve their motor skills, cognitive skills and even conflict-resolution skills in some cases.


This classic not only stretches you out without giving it a thought but also gets the giggles going turn after turn for any age from preschooler with good balance to a stretchable adult.


Scrabble aids in learning to spell.  Although we’re in the age of abbreviating (or misspelling to the horror of teachers) of most words, Scrabble takes us back to the rules of spelling and flexing our language muscles from grade school.  Great for everyone starting with older preschoolers and younger school-age children learning to spell.


Memory match games are wonderful for all ages from preschoolers to adults.  In this age of information overload, it’s said that human brains are retaining less and less information on a short-term basis.  Challenge yourself with a preschooler’s game to see how much you’re able retain in your short-term memory space…


Monopoly is for the serious gamers – board gamers, that is!  Due to slightly complicating gaming rules and a requirement of clear thought process, this classic is appropriate for mature minds.


If you’re a relatively new parent, you’d know that the classic game ‘snakes and ladder’ has evolved into ‘chutes and ladder’ in the world where most parents feel everything has to be flowers and sunshine for little kids.  Regardless, same idea, same rules.  Instead of the snake eating the player up and bringing them a few rows down, they fall through the chute.

I have to say board games with family/friends isn’t only time-passing but also a great way to bond and have quality time within the comforts of home.  It’s a superior option to sitting in corners with preferred devices ignoring each other – an epidemic that threatens to take over homes everywhere.

Get your game on!


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