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The Judging Game

Ahhh, the judging game!  Don’t we all just love judging people?  We just love it! Whether it’s something we don’t like or a person we don’t care for, we shall judge, no matter what!

Ok let’s not get too serious, but here is how MY judgment of people with kids changed after I had my own.

I worked in a children’s centre for more than 9 years. I have seen my share of good, bad and the ugly. I used to judge some of the people who came there and decided they were not fit to be good parents. I am not ashamed to admit it, but yes I have judged them too quickly: that mom who chats away with another mother without realizing that her child had climbed up the desk; that mom who puts her child on top of a table to feed; and my biggest pet peeve of all, the mom who drags that crying child out of the room before the program is done.

Through all these situations, I didn’t understand the real reasons.  Now, having been through similar situations myself, I feel ashamed for judging them so quickly.  Who am I to decide if they were good parents?  To all those I have judged without knowing, this is my heartfelt apology.  Please forgive my then lack of knowledge and understanding about motherhood.

I didn’t know that when you were chatting with another mom, that was your first interaction with an adult after two days of being cooped up at home.  When you had the child on the desk, I didn’t know that was the only way your child would eat anything, and when you were dragging your child from the program before it was done, I didn’t know that you had another child that you had to pick up from school.

So now that I am a mother of a toddler, a big bright light went off in my head.  All these things make sense to me now.  I UNDERSTAND!  Oh how I understand.

To all those stay-at-home mothers, words can’t explain how much of an appreciation I have for you all. To all the mothers everywhere who walked this path before me, I salute you!


February 13, 2013 - 7:40 pm

Cindi - Yes Mothers are wonderful, they can never be replaced. A mother is truly God’s gift to humanity.

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