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Hello everyone!


Don’t throw that blouse away, don’t throw that shirt away and most of all don’t throw that skirt away because it too short.

Here are some unique ways to refashion your old clothes.

Wondering what to do with that plane blouse you got? Why not add some pearls to it, if you have an old pearl necklace, just add it to the neck and hands or just the neck to refashion it.


Don’t like pearls, then why not add some lace to that plane blouse.


You can do wonders with men’s shirts. Here are few example of what you can do with them.

Create a cute blouse with simple sewing.

Here is a another look.

Turn a shirt into a skirt!

Last but not least, turn a short skirt longer by adding lace at the bottom.

Now aren’t these a great way to make your clothes last longer? I hope you will try some of these. If you do, please share them with us.

Click on the pictures to see the original source.

You can also check out this website for more refashion. She makes ugly dresses into modern classics. Check it out.


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