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Summer beauty basics

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Now that warmer weather is finally here many of us find our skin and hair texture changes with the hot humid weather. We took a look at hair care in a recent post, so let’s look at some summer skin care today.

Many people don’t like to wear makeup in the summer as it can get oily very quickly and appear to be “mask-like”. You can still wear makeup in the summer but first take a look at the products you use and switch them up to suit your skin in the summer. I am very fond of natural and home-based skin care products, so you’ll find some tips on natural skin care through this post.

My skin tends to be very dry in the winter and completely opposite in the summer. As a freelance makeup artist, I have worked on clients with diverse skin tones, yet the one thing everyone wants to achieve is that healthy glow. Read on to see how you can achieve that with some simple steps.


Contrary to what you may think, you do not need a harsh cleanser in the summer (in fact in any weather). Regardless of what claims the products make, cleanser is just a cleanser. It sits on the skin surface and washes away; it does not get absorbed, so no need to break your budget and buy an overpriced cleanser. I like a simple mild cleanser like Cetaphil. Even if you have oily skin, do not try to dry out your skin with a harsh cleanser – your skin will try to compensate for it by producing more oil. Every other day, use a small face cloth and apply the cleanser on your skin to get a mild exfoliation.


You can use a variety of face scrubs out there. The important thing is not to exfoliate every day and to get a scrub that has fine particles so they don’t scratch your skin. You can use an exfoliator 2-3 times a week. I also like mixing plain white sugar with my cleanser as an exfoliator.


There are different kinds of toners in the market and it can be a confusing decision. Toners are used after cleansing. In the past they were meant to be used to restore the skin’s pH balance after using a soap bar, but now there are gentle cleansers in the market that won’t affect your skin. So this really is an optional step. If you cleanse well and have a good moisturizer you don’t really need a toner. You don’t want to dry out your skin with an alcohol-based toner. So if you feel you need to refresh your skin after cleanser, use a water-based toner or just buy rose water from the store and apply with a cotton pad (it’s completely natural).


This is where you need to spend some money and get a good moisturizer suitable for your skin. You can opt for a lighter moisturizer in the summer but never skip this. Your skin needs hydration whether it’s winter or summer. I like moisturizers with SPF for the summer since they do double duty and saves time.


For everyday use, if you’re not out in the sun for hours, a moisturizer with SPF works well. If you’ll be out in the sun longer, make sure you use a good sunscreen and avoid using ones with “toxic” ingredients (see our post on safe sunscreens).


It’s nice to use less makeup on your skin in the summer and allow it to breathe. You should also use shades that match your skin if you tend to tan in the summer.

Instead of using a foundation throughout the face, you can use a full coverage concealer or a cream foundation that doubles as a concealer to spot treat your face and then set the rest of the face with a powder. I like CoverFx Total Cover Cream Foundation as it blends in well, has SPF and doubles as a concealer and foundation. You can set with a setting powder or a translucent powder in an appropriate shade.

If you find yourself getting oily throughout the day, start with using a mattifier on your skin before you apply makeup. It controls oil and helps set the makeup longer. You can find primers with a mattifier built in. Primers can be used on your face and eyes to set the makeup as they will extend their wear. If you don’t use the right shade on your skin, it will start to look streaky as the day goes on. A light water-based foundation or a skin tint (moisturizers with a bit of colour) is also a nice alternative.

Avoid using a lot of shimmers on your face in the summer as it can make it look more shiny. You can go for matte or satiny eyeshadows. To add some contour and highlight your face, use a lighter foundation or concealer shade on your forehead and on the higher part of your cheekbones. This draws light to the areas which are normally highlighted by the sun and gives you that “glow”.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to play with colours in the summer. Go for pinks and corals. Anyone can wear these colours if you get the right hue. Those with darker skin should go with the deeper hues in the same colour and those with lighter skin should go with the lighter hues. This will help the colour blend in with your skin tone.


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