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Spring 2015 Fashion Trends

As we’re truly enjoying some spring weather in

Why so skimpy swimwear?

It’s not only women finding swimwear shopping for

3 awesome ways to use your brooches

We all have a collection of beautiful but random pieces

Are you sleeping enough?

Many of us boast about how little we sleep as a badge

Is premature graying the norm?

As I was staring at a few strands of gray hair shining

You’re such a skinny b*tch!

What’s with all the hate on skinny girls these

Top Skincare Tips

Skincare is a subject us girls just can’t get

Dry Hair Tips

Most South-Asian women (and men) tend to have dry hair

Hot Oil Treatments for Hair

My hair is one of those things that suffers from

Nail Art Trends

Nail art has been all the craze for the past several

10 Beauty and Fashion Must-Haves for the Summer

We have rounded up some of our favourite items to have

Our obsession with ‘skinny’

The peer pressure and societal expectations for women (

Here comes summer…and swimsuits!

Although we have a few more weeks to go till summer

Makeup Don’ts

As we’re into the season of gatherings

Sleep improves looks…really!

We know how important sleep is for the insides of our