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Is premature graying the norm?

As I was staring at a few strands of gray hair shining  on the sides of my head a few weeks ago, I was dumb-struck as I hadn’t noticed any one of them before.  Did they grow out overnight?  Probably not!  As they are on the side and on a view I wouldn’t have seen easily, I must have missed their initial growth.  Although I know of a few friends that have been coloring over their gray hair for a few years now, graying in mid-30s just didn’t make any sense…until I looked into it.    Aside from B12 deficiency, issues with thyroid gland or lower bone density, there are no medical connections to premature or early graying.

Contrary to popular belief, plucking gray hair doesn’t make you grow more gray hair; however, the plucking damages hair follicle and when hair grows again, it grows in a different direction of the rest of the strands around it which makes it stand out and overall seem like more gray hair against the rest of the color than there actually is.

According to WebMd, Asians start growing gray hair in late 30s.  Our counter parts are as follows: Caucasians in early 30s and Africans in mid-40s.  And, premature graying refers to 10-15 years ahead of the above norm.  So, I can’t consider myself as premature graying, but definitely a few years ahead of the norm.  Reason: unknown!  My parents didn’t go gray until late 40s or even early 50s.  As much as I would like to blame my family for inducing stress, scientists haven’t seen stress causing gray.  So, what gives?  I might never know.

Next step, what are my options?

  • Semi-permanent or demi-permanent color: The color lasts a few weeks and is a good option for people just starting to see gray according to King. “If you have a lot of your natural colors running through, you don’t want to take that away,” King says. “You can just blend it without disrupting what you already have that’s already beautiful and natural.”
  • Highlights: Scattered strands are lightened to blend the gray with the rest of your hair.
  • Permanent color: King suggests using it once you have 45% to 50% gray. Some clients leave some gray around their face to make a statement.
  • Hair products: If you don’t want to dye but still want to conceal the gray, King suggests a coloring tool such as spray-on airbrush hair makeup, which washes out with a shampoo.

Against black-brown hair, grays are very apparent, so, I’ll have to do something about it very soon.  I’m leaning towards semi-permanent color as I wouldn’t want to color all my hair periodically and dry it out.  Are you dealing with early graying?  How are you handling it?


Reference: Premature Graying: Reasons, Options

You’re such a skinny b*tch!

What’s with all the hate on skinny girls these days? Is it suddenly cool? Having been a skinny girl and far from being curvy for many years, I can’t stand to see all this sudden backlash on skinny women.

I’m not trying to undermine all the efforts on fighting eating disorders, portrayal of women in media over the years and how far we have come in influencing the fashion industry to redefine their beauty standards. But why do we have to celebrate bigger women by putting down smaller women? Shouldn’t we accept all women and celebrate beauty in all shapes and sizes?


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Toxic laundry

It seems that as soon as I eliminate something toxic from my life then I discover something else that needs to go. Becoming environmentally conscious or even aware about the chemicals in common household products seem to be exhausting these days.

Lately I’ve been searching for a natural alternative to using dryer sheets. I used to use them mainly for our linens and in the winter to eliminate static. However the fact that it is made up of endless chemicals is definitely disheartening. Not to mention the liquid fabric softeners that many of us use is also very toxic and contains many harmful chemicals. View full post »

Top Skincare Tips

Skincare is a subject us girls just can’t get enough of.  There are always new ways of doing things, updated dos and don’ts and of course, the celebrity induced looks we sought after.  When it comes to skin and hair care, proper application/technique matter just as much as the product.  Some of us apply too much and the rest of us, too little – both cases don’t deliver the best results. View full post »

Do children really need multivitamins?

I have gone back and forth on the whole issue of giving my daughter multivitamins. I am not a huge proponent of multivitamins for myself as I feel that a balanced and varied diet in itself is the natural multivitamin we need and sometimes taking a supplement gives us a false sense of protection.

But listening to other moms talk about various supplements and dealing with the frustrating aspect of constant illness during the early daycare years, I am always on the lookout to learn about these things to see if they have an effect on overall health. In reality I don’t want to be “that” mom who misses out on providing her child with something that could potentially benefit her.

Recently at Whole Foods Supermarket I saw an array of “natural” multivitamins and was wondering if there was any harm in even trying them. They all seemed promising and some seemed to be just like diet supplements. I have to admit I was standing there clueless, overwhelmed and then just decided to walk away.

Some parents claim the supplements act as an insurance policy although they eat a healthy diet. Others stay away from anything shaped like a favourite cartoon character as they feel pharmaceutical companies are just dictating our health. It really is a difficult decision. View full post »

October 6, 2014 - 5:38 am

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