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Sorry, not sorry!?!?!

Pantene, the shampoo brand, has a campaign out called “sorry, not sorry” claiming women apologize too much and should be ‘strong and shine’ instead.  Here it is for your viewing pleasure: Not Sorry/#ShineStrong Pantene

The first part of the one-minute video is sure to remind any woman (well, at least most of us) of herself if she is the polite kind.  However, I find the second half – where the same characters are being more assertive, taking charge and less courteous in some instances instead of just blindly apologizing – a bit of a generalization.  Yes, in the board room, the woman is more assertive and taking an equal place in the meeting in the second part.  However, in other instances, isn’t it just courtesy that the characters are practicing in the first part of the video, as most of us – women and men – interchange “excuse me”, “pardon me” and “do you mind” with “sorry”?  Are we to be rude or less courteous in the name of being strong?  Are they mutually exclusive?  It is considered to be a ‘Canadian-thing’ to be extra nice and courteous or just as likely a ‘woman-thing’ to be empathetic, nurturing and even more compromising in domestic situations.

Just as it was pointed out in an earlier post, “What is a boy to do?”, is this another phenomenon where the scale is tipping too far in the opposite direction?  I think everyone, especially women, can be courteous while being strong and assertive; can be kind and empathetic while aiming for equality; and be nurturing and humble when taking charge.  We are living in a changing world where stay-at-home fathers aren’t a unique phenomenon, men taking paternity leave is more common in workplaces and women being loud and upfront about their fertility choices are the common place.  Feminism and gender equality have made today’s women’s circumstances (especially, in North America) much more comparable to men’s.  So, why the negativity?  Such expressions are the exact reasons many women label themselves as anti-feminists today as they don’t want to be associated with the negativity, bitterness and man bashing ways which are the common features seen as that of a feminist by a regular Joe/Jane.  Is it ok to encourage ill-mannered and offensive ways in the name of strength and equality? Bad behavior is just bad behavior in any circumstance and by any male/female, isn’t it?


What makes a toddler tick?

If I say toddlers are moody I don’t know many parents who would disagree with me. It seems every household with a toddler goes through similar issues. I love all the creative and cute antics my daughter displays at this age and how she’s such a loving, cuddly and caring little girl. Then come those moments where a switch just goes off and the smile suddenly turns into a scream and for the life of us we can’t figure out why. I started thinking about all the things that tick off my little toddler and came up with a list.

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September 30, 2014 - 2:12 am

Purna - Our little toddler princess discovered that her favourite word was “mine” ever since she learnt to speak. The most frequent thing that sets her off is when we tell her that something is most certainly not hers. She throws herself to the floor and lies there flat for a good 10 minutes! Her other favourite saying is “me do it”. When Ms.independent can’t have it her way, she freaks out! Toddlers..Got to love them. They are too cute even when they throw a fit!

Dry Hair Tips

Most South-Asian women (and men) tend to have dry hair.  Regardless of products and styling tools, certain climates leave our hair puffy and hard to manage.  Hydration and Moisturization become our mantras but yet, there are many bad hair days.  Here are some drying and styling guidelines for dry hair from Web MD worth trying out. View full post »

Got me-time?

Once we become mothers only we realize the amount of idle time we had prior to having a baby as the days with a baby tend to go from dawn to dusk in a snap.  When with a newborn, there were many days when I found myself in my pajamas and still strutting my bed-hair into the noon hour.  The lack of sleep and sitting still for such long periods of time during breast-feeding and the hours of rocking the baby to sleep can do haywire on a girl’s sanity.  But, time flies and we move onto the older stages and we’re still tightly woven in our kids’ lives and dependent on their health and happiness in order to lead our own lives in a joyful way. View full post »

What’s with the eggs these days?

Eggs Eggs Eggs. My family loves this super easy and nutritious food.

When we go to the egg aisle it has become very confusing to figure out the different labels on the eggs. If you are trying to read the labels, eat antibiotic and hormone free, or eat eggs that only come from humane farming practices, it’s extremely difficult to figure out what is on the market these days. For a long-time I assumed free-run and free-range eggs were the same thing and I spent a good amount of money buying them.

Recently I came across some good information on Chatelaine that gave a breakdown on the different types of eggs in the Canadian market. I was shocked to find out that free-range is not regulated in Canada to be antiobotic free and feel like I was wasting money! View full post »